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June 01, 2015


Lisa Dionne

Since I am not a writer, I'm thankful you can use
your skills to voice exactly how I also feel. I no longer have the financial means to host my guests the way I did in the past. But that will not stop me. It will be simpler and likely to be spent in my home. I've always preferred more intimate settings anyway. I also would not expect anything in return. Unequal and Dear Abby, just don't get it. They are truly missing out on having true and meaningful connections with those that matter the most. Bring on the other topics, especially rudeness to our elderly. Hate seeing that.

Michael Armstrong

I agree with every last word, Maggie, and look forward to your future rants on the upcoming subjects. We definitely have some similar pet peeves. Maybe we can figure out why some people seem to lack the simplest of courtesies, things that most people find to have ingrained like second nature. Maybe that's it. Nature. Take apples, for instance. I love apples. But, if you have ever picked them, there are a couple on every tree....

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