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May 19, 2015


Laura Murphy

Well I don't expect my guests to do anything for me...regardless of whether I invited them or they invited themselves. However, in my circle of family/friends it's not unusual for my guests to take us out for a meal as a thank you... not always dinner though. Sometimes it's breakfast or lunch instead. It's not expected just something we've always done. I agree the man already had bad feelings between himself and his sister and/or brother in law. We can only use conjecture since we don't know their history. Maybe the sister only comes to see him when they are on the way to someplace else instead of just coming to visit him which makes him feel used. He doesn't mention how he acts when he visits her so maybe she's only doing the same thing he does... if he even visits her. I'm just glad he's not my brother because we can be pretty open and honest with each other especially if one of us is in a financially embarrassed moment. :) As I see it, he had two other choices... cook at home as it's not usually too difficult to add food for two extra people or he could have informed the waitress that they were going to need separate checks.

Maggie West Bean

Lisa and Michael, thank you so much for your input. I love having visitors, and we get them from many different places. We have an eclectic group of friends, and we like it that way. I have never felt this way toward any of them...But, more on that later. Stay tuned.

Michael Armstrong

You broke this down quite well, Maggie. He does sound like there is some jealousy rooted far deeper than just this visit. I have northern guests from time to time at my home and I can't remember any of them, family or friends, not at least offering to have dinner out...their treat. It's never necessary and it's always appreciated. This from...Happy and Without Expectations in the Land of Vacations! (ps...I have never responded to a blog before.) :)

Lisa Dionne

I think he sounds like a rude, selfish host and brother. He has no problem voicing his complaints to "Dear Abby", who gave poor advice and just seemed to enable his behavior. Why didn't he do the same with his sister. If you choose to host, you cannot assume what your guests will do. I would gladly treat my guests the best I could;without expectations.

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