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October 12, 2011


Ashley Long

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this part of your trilogy on love. I agree wholly with all the statements, and hope to find such an amazing thing as love, and not just being in love, one day.


I keep going back to the nature of this series. Yes at some point that passion does ebb. The point I'm making though is that when you miss it and you look for it within the one that has brought it to you before... the same person that you have built this foundation of love with... maybe only then do you know that you have true love.

I'd love to be 80, look at my woman, remember those times and try to turn up the warmth a little. It's powerful when you feel this even after a few years.

Maggie Bean

Yes, Ken, it is different for different couples and each individual. Understand, though, this theory of mine comes from many couples who have remained together 40 plus years. They struggled through the "dying" period together. How many relationships today withstand this stage? People in their 40s, 50s, 60s, even 70s are getting divorced. Therefore, the time frame is different to be sure. But, in researching it, it *still* happens. Additionally, the passion of which I speak is not the new-fangled definition, but (taken from the aforementioned dictionary) it is "any powerful emotion or appetite:" emphasis on the word powerful. Yes, you can reignite *that* spark, but this happens before the "being in love" stage ends. Again, this does not happen to everyone; this does not happen in every relationship; but in this immediate gratification and me-oriented society in which we now live, it is definitely the norm.


It's interesting. Thinking of my long term relationships and the length of time the "high degree of passion" lasts. It's different with different couples I think.

That degree of passion can last though if two want to work at it. It is great when years after it fades the sparks can be easily made to fly with just a little effort.

In the end though it's the commitment that makes you want to feel that again/still with THAT person.

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