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December 28, 2008


Richard Duches

Another terrific book for nonfiction writing (learning how to do it) is "The Art of the Personal Essay, by Philip Lopate, Anchor Books, 1995. I guarantee it isn't a $1.00 book, but it is VERY worth it. I write my fiction in the nonfiction style of this book.

And I also gotta get me a copy of Zinsser's book. And Jeff doesn't know me so I can say, 'gotta get me' all I want.



Man! I can totally relate to "the dark forest, in which the winged monkeys fly up my ass and strip me of my 'straw.'" One doesn't hang out with a group of people called The Bloody Pens for long without feeling pain.

And I've SO gotta get me one of those copies of Zinsser's book. (Just don't tell Jeff I said "gotta get me" - he might never look me in the eye again. :)

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