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December 06, 2008



STDs, including HPV (stopped by condoms less than 60% of the time. CDC studies indicate 28% of American women ages 15-30 have an STD. Herpes, HPV, and HIV are all still uncurable.

Extra-marital pregnancy, and associated legal/financial obligations. (Interesting note-both myself and one of my younger sisters were concieved while my mother was on the pill, and using a diaphragm. And my mother is intelligent enough I am certain both were being employeed correctly.)

In other words, you can pretend to do away with (or hell, maybe you actually can do away with, I don't know...) the social and emotional consequences of infidelity, but the universe is a cruel bitch, and she won't let you do away with the practical ones.

But then again, I'm young, and not very smart, so I'm probably wrong. Discard as you like (not that I could stop you.)


The word "cheating" implies that someone has been cheated out of something. As long as no one's lost anything, where's the damage? It's a matter of perspective in my opinion.

If my husband had an extra-marital encounter, I wouldn't freak out. I trust his judgement. Plus, I adore him, am fully aware that he adores me, too, and I'm confident our relationship is solid.

But that's just me. :)

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