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I found my influence in narrating on such issues as relationships, women, men, their concerns, beliefs, and anything sexual in nature from many people. I, myself, learned plenty in the process. Yet, you may also find a number of conflicting viewpoints and/or opinions in my posts. Why? Because I attempt to be fair and unbiased in what I write. It doesn't say "I am" people--it says "I try."

I do not consider myself an authority on these matters; just a person who learned
the hard way, through experience and being a very good listener. The only thing that truthfully exists, within these pages, is the anthology of numerous individuals, which led me to unlimited resources of knowledge and information. These coupled with a little common sense and personal opinion are what you receive in my blogs.

One of my aspirations is to do justice to each person who took the time and displayed the courage to relate their stories through the years. The second would be directly touching someone else’s life through the awareness and foresight to which I've been privy. By accomplishing both of these, perhaps, my writings will find their place in your life as they have in mine.

Another influence for what you'll find within these "pages," is my husband (Dave Bean: Together we garden (for our food); play with shiny, sharp, pointy objects; build various tools and equipment that we use around our home; and own a small independent publishing company ( Finally, since our previous profession as journalists opened our eyes to much of today's beauty and/or injustice, you might see a current events or news piece from time to time.